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Thanksgiving Made Easy

I've compiled a variety of resources to make celebrating Thanksgiving a little easier for you this year.

Your Personal Party Planner,



EME's Meal Planning Guide

We recommend selecting one recipe per Thanksgiving food group. Yes, it will be hard to pick just one type of potatoes, but it will make it easier on you if you do.

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EME's Thanksgiving Pinterest Boards

We've created a Pinterest page with a board for each of EME’s Thanksgiving Food Groups and pinned a variety of recipes on each board.

Cheers to Thanksgiving Facebook Group

Collaborate with us to make celebrating Thanksgiving easy this year. Learn and share best practices.

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Thanksgiving Made Easy Blog

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is a holiday focused on celebrating gratitude and giving thanks. It is the one holiday when the gifts we give and receive are each other.

This year, Thanksgiving is going to look different for a lot of people. Especially those that are staying home for the holidays and preparing Thanksgiving dinner for their first time. To help make the process smoother, I’ve asked our virtual party planner EME to help me whip up a few things for you!