Meet Nancy

I planned my first event at 10 years old and I haven't stopped creating opportunities for others to celebrate the people and causes they care about since. 

Nancy Palo

Throughout my career I have blended my expertise in technology and leadership, and have spearheaded corporate initiatives at local and national levels. Additionally, my experience working in startup, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 environments has afforded me the opportunity to lead various cross functional teams to develop strategies and create experiences that positively impact companies and communities. Furthermore, my innate ability to ignite passion and cultivate innovation has helped me raise over $100 million for nonprofits and translate corporate business objectives into prioritized implementation roadmaps. I excel at empowering others to achieve goals.


I am a trusted thought leader with an expertise in providing the vision and strategy needed to deliver effective and engaging consumer and employee experiences.

  • I develop innovative solutions for analyzed challenges and trends 

  • I lead strategy, logistics, and digital solutions for projects of all sizes

  • I manage complex projects and/or teams of employees and/or contractors

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