Welcome to the Cheers to Community

Whether you are celebrating a personal win or someone that you care about, the Cheers to Community inspires you to celebrate everyday and gives you the resources you need to do so.

Together we will integrate the art of celebrating into our lives, transforming how we celebrate life - inside and out. When you integrate celebrating into your mindfulness journey, you shift from the have to to the get to. Meanwhile, the act of celebrating is just as important and fun. We will share best practices and resources for celebrating with toasts, gifts, parties, travel and more.

Membership in the Cheers to Community is a one-time cost of $20.21. We commit to celebrate everyday in 2021 and will likely keep the party going for years to come at no additional cost. 


Your Membership Includes

Access to our private Facebook Group

Daily prompts that inspire you to pause, take time and praise your life

Weekly live events where you will virtually cheers with other members

Ongoing releases of resources that teach you, remind you, and help you incorporate celebrating every aspect of your life into your daily routine

Lifelong friendships and support systems created amongst fellow members ready to celebrate alongside you 24/7

No upcoming events at the moment

Whether you are celebrating little wins or big wins, with coffee or champagne, your Cheers to Community is here for you.

Nancy Palo, Founder and CEO of Cheers to