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Cheers to inspires you to celebrate more and provides you the resources to make it easy to do so. 


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Events Made Easy by Your Personal Party Planner

At Cheers to our mission is to help people celebrate more and we are committed to providing the resources you need to make it easy do so. We are currently developing technology that will do just that. We know how overwhelming planning events of every size can be so we are streamlining the experience for you! 


Chief Experience Officer


Nancy Palo

Chief Experience Officer

I planned my first event at 10 years old and I haven't stopped creating opportunities for others to celebrate the people and causes they care about since. I've raised over $100 million for non-profits as a development professional, online fundraising strategist and a special event planner in New York City, Southern California and now Austin, Texas. 

Currently living in Austin, Texas I am focused on the things I love and creating a life filled with extraordinary experiences for myself and others. Learn more at nancypalo.com




Dawn Abramson Rhodes

I have been blessed to celebrate with Nancy for more than 20 years, for every occasion under the sun. Some have been elaborate and some have been simple, but every single one has been distinctive and special.

When Nancy plans something, big, small or in between, she has a knack for ensuring that the details count. She has a talent for finding ways to make events and celebrations that are uniquely tailored so that participants feel important. Nancy goes above and beyond in the details, so that every celebration, no matter the occasion, size or cost, is remarkable and noteworthy.

I raise a glass in cheers to Nancy who truly embodies her mission to celebrate every day, and is extraordinary at helping others do the same. Cheers to Nancy!